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CapCut For iOS Latest Version Download

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CapCut For iOS

Capcut is a video and picture editing application. Many users want to use this android based application on their iOS device, but they are unable to find a compatible version for their system. If your system is iOS based and you want to download Capcut for iOS, you can download Capcut app without paying money from the given link below.   

Features – CapCut for iOS

Some advanced features of CapCut, such as adding filters, captions, changing the background, trimming the video, adding sound effects, Video merging, and making many other changes, can be done by using capcut. Here we show you how you can use different features in to your video and grab more likes and views on different social media accounts, such as on YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, instapro2 etc.

How to Convert Text into Speech?

This feature is used to convert text into speech for your video, which helps you engage a large audience. For example, you used a local language in your video that is only understood by some people, but if you add an international language with which people are more familiar, it helps increase views on your video. This is the most popular feature that is also available in Lightroom MOD APK.

  • Choose the video to which you wish to add text.
  • There is different text template are available you can select according to your desired language.
  • Add text which you want to make into audio.
  • Play the video and choose your desired voice which you want to add.
  • Now, click the checkbox to activate the audio generation.
  • Enjoy the video by saving it to your iOS device.

How can you Add the Freeze Feature?

The freeze feature is used to freeze a specific part of a video.  This sort of video editing is popular right now for improving basic videos for social networking platforms. In the given steps, we guide you on how to edit your video

  • Choose the desired video in which you want to add the freeze feature.
  • Create New project.
  • Click Add after selecting the recorded video.
  • Choosing the clip from the timeline.
  • Select the Style Toolbar and click the second Freeze Frame effect.
  • After then, wait for the effect to create. Playback and watch after it’s finished. 

How to add Chroma Key feature?

The chroma key effect is a type of digital editing where a particular color added to a video (usually green and blue) is replaced with a different color. This effect is popular in Inshot video editing on social media. You can use the chroma key by following the method given below.

  • Choose the video from gallery or download vidmate old videos on which you want to add this chroma key feature.
  • To add overplay click on overplay button.
  • Choose the green screen video you wish to include.
  • Click the Chroma Key button in the toolbar.
  • Choose the green area of the video clip that you wish to remove.
  • Select intensity and change its level as desired.

How do you Reverse a video?

Here are the basic steps, along with clear images, on how to reverse a video on CapCut for Pc.

  • Add your video to the timeline, which you want to edit.  
  • Then choose it from the list of videos, here you see a reverse icon.
  • Turn on reverse option, to give your video a backward effect.

How to Download CapCut PRO APK


GenresCapCut for iOS
Language SupportedEnglish, French, Italian, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian,
Compatibility IPad | IPod Touch Iphone |
Size537.5 MB
DeveloperCapCut Co.
Last UpdatedToday, Updated

Follow the below steps to download the CapCut PRO APK on your iOS device:

  • Make sure you registered your account into the app store.
  • Then press download button to  download the app into your system.
  • As installation is completed the application is appear on your desktop screen.
  • But hold on! Your iOS device must first have the LD player downloaded before using CapCut Mod APK


  • Required version: 11.1 IOS or Later


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The CapCut software is really simple to use. Without the risk of causing hardware or software harm, you may utilize it with all of its premium features.


CapCut Editor is a free app that you can use on your iOS device. You can edit your video and enjoy its features according to your desires. We mentioned above how to download capcut on your iOS device as well as how to use its different features while editing videos. You can ask questions in the comment section below if you’re confused or experiencing any problems. We will answer your questions. If you like our post, share it with your friends.