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CapCut PRO APK Download Latest Version 8.9.0 (Unlocked)

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CapCut PRO APK Video Editor

Be it YouTube Tiktok Facebook Instagram or any other platform. Everyone wants the photo or video taken by their mobile camera to look attractive and beautiful to others.

Inshot pro apk features

Android and iOS operating systems have discovered many free editing apps that make it easy to edit a photo or video and make it beautiful. Well, there are many apps in the Playstore market but deciding which editing app is the one that gives us the most features that can fulfill the need of a good editor.

Capcut PRO APK is the number one editing app in the Android marketplace, which has 500+ million downloaders on the Play Store. Capcut is an exceptional app that have 4.7 rating out of 5. User-interface of this app is is simple and easy to navigate.

It is a premium version of Capcut Video Editor. Capcut app can be used to create and edit videos with various premium effects, filters, backgrounds and different types of music from the library. One of the best things is that CapCut Pro has comes with no watermark and lots of font features . Capcut can edit videos of different formats, such as in 4k and 1080k. All the Capcut Video editing features of this app are advanced, allowing users to create high-quality creations with ease. Many peope used this app to edit picture and videos for own site like free fire hack mod apk .

Where are talking about features. Is Capcut free ?

creating video on capcut

Capcut Video Editing

By using Capcut Apk, you can easily cut unwanted parts of a video, add text and effect music, as well as add filters. For newbies, editing videos with the help of CapCut is very easy. I hope you have great experience with the fact that trimming your films all at once is a fantastic option. 

add speed on capcut


You can fasten the speed of video by applying speed curves to clips and changing the video speed from 0.1x to 100x. You can shorten your content by increasing the video speed without sacrificing quality or cutting anything out. In addition, you can use a slow-motion video to create fascinating special effects.

capcut zoom effect

Zoom Effects

 How to zoom in on capcut. Animate video clips to create stunning zoom in and out effects. It enhances the image’s clarity, especially when you watch films in dim light or from a distance. The second option is to utilize the zoom in function to focus on a certain object in the picture. This capability is incredibly helpful when you are trying to identify someone in a crowd or get a closer look at something. The zoom effect may be a useful tool for visually enhancing a film when applied correctly.

Several Capcut unlocked apk premium features that you can use for free.

Freeze Video

Capcut is one of the advanced features that makes specific sections of the film stick or stop. Same like as famous editing app inshot pro apk .

Transition Feature

Examine alternatives for transitions that have amazing effects on and between clips. A transition animation effect can add fascination as you switch between videos. Typically, a transition effect can be created only with two images or movies that are side by side in the same frame. In fact, transition effects may be used at the start and end of a video; this is known as the fade in and fade out” effects, respectively. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of apps for Android that can edit videos in that way. But Capcut is one of the apps that provides a transition feature. 

Advanced Video Editor

You can do advanced video editing by using the Capture video editing app, such as keyframe video animation, smooth slow-motion, and removing specific colors. These features are discussed below in detail.

Keyframe Video Animation

CapCut’s keyframes are an effective and powerful editing tool that lets users design smooth, customizable animations and effects for their films. Keyframes are an important part of CapCut’s full video editing platform because they provide you with more control over timing, movement, and aesthetic changes during a clip. In essence, keyframes act as anchor points in the timeline of a video that specify precise adjustments in factors like rotation, position, opacity, and scale.   

Remove Specific Colors

Tap “Intensity.” After that, a slider will be displayed at the base. The selected color will disappear if the slider is moved up and down. The subject’s lighting could sometimes be different from the backgrounds. In this instance, you may tap on “Shadow” to modify the shadows. 

Intelligent features

Capcut offers intelligent features including text-to-speech, backdrop reduction, and auto captioning. These points are discussed below:

Auto Capcut Captions

Nowadays, especially on social networking sites like Instagram, the majority of videos are  without audio. Subtitles are required in this case. But these days, more and more video creators are starting to realize how important it is to include subtitles or captions in their YouTube or social media videos, even if they are in the same language.


This feature made video editing much easier, as the editor could easily convert text into voice. The tool used in CapCut can convert any language into text, as it has an unlimited vocabulary. 

Background Removal

CapCut is one of the greatest video backdrop removal applications. In a video, there are two different types of backgrounds: green screen and abstract. Green, blue, red, white, and other primary colors are all used as green screen video backgrounds. While the background of the abstract video is made up of many colors, such as a background with images of forests, highways, and other natural landscapes.

Mirror Video in CapCut

When two movies are combined side by side and each is horizontally mirrored to the other, an amazing effect is produced. Mirroring a video flips it horizontally. 

Rotate Video in CapCut

You can move the video with CapCut to correct incorrect alignments or create the popular rotation effects that include animated zooming and spinning of the video. If you just want to rotate the specific part of the video rather than the full video. Touch on the video to separate it before utilizing the rotate option.

How To Download CapCut PRO APK

Rating: 4.8 ⭐

To Capcut download Apk on your Android device, click the download button.

  1. After the download is processed, please wait for it to complete.
  2. Now open the downloaded files.
  3. You can find the File by going to your browser’s downloads page, or you can find it by going to the file manager name Capcut.
  4. Open it; you will appear a notification box on your screen; click on settings,
inshot unknown sources notification
  1. After clicking on the setting, you will see another box, unknown sources.
how to inshot unknown sources enable
  1. Click on the permission, and it will turn on.
inshot unknown sources enable
  1. Go back to Capcut Download app File. Click on Install.
  2. Waiting for installation to complete. It takes a minute to complete.
  3. After completing the installation, please open it and enjoy editing with CapCut.
Developer NameCapCut Pro APK
Latest Version8.6.0
Size162.0 Mb
LicenseUnlocked, Fully activated
GenresVideo and Picture Editor
Last UpdatedToday, Updated

How To Remove Capcut Watermark

remove capcut logo

CapCut will automatically include a CapCut end when you create a brand new project. Now, you have the option to click on it and delete it. You can uncheck that toggle in the settings to make the default ending appear. CapCut will no longer appear when you open a new document.

How To Reverse a Video on Capcut

how to reverse video on capcut picture

If you have a clip that you want to reverse, it’s easy to reverse the video in capcut. Let’s start first by opening the capcut application. Once you’re on capcut, if you want to do your new project or go to the project you already have the clip, you will see the whole part of the video which you are choosing; you will see the bar click on the split option which parts you want to reverse, Once you split the part, they are on two pieces, Now click on the part which you want to reverse and click on the below bar option and scroll right until you find the reverse option, click on it, once you have done this you are successfully reverse the part of video, save the video and keep enjoying.

How To Change Aspect Ratio Capcut

how to change aspect ratio on capcut

Are you looking for how to change the aspect ratio on a capcut video? So let’s start first by picking up any video; once it’s open, you can see the box button on the below bar, which name called aspect ratio; tap on it, and now you can see different aspect ratios, for example, Facebook, youtube, instagram, etc., you can select any one of them you’ll need for the aspect ratio.

How To Add Blur Effects on Capcut

You might be trying to figure out how to blur in Capcut Videos; it’s effortless. There are lots of blur effects you can add. Let’s start to make a blur video; the first step is open the application and import a video. Once it’s done, the next part, you can see the Capcut bar below, click on effect, and the next page is open, and you will see the different options there, now tap on the video effects; there are a lot of effects open you will go with halo blur effect, Once click on the halo effec,t The Blur effect is applied on your video.

How To Get Good Quality on Capcut

Everyone wants Good Video quality to attract people on youtube, Facebook, and different platform; a few steps give you better Quality while editing on a capcut video editor; the first thing is Download a Video clip with 1080p or 4k Quality. Add effects, Adjust brightness and Sharpening on Video, and adjust the color setting for better Quality.

How to Remove Background on Capcut

To remove the background in CapCut, You need to open the CapCut app; once it opens, Press the New Project and select any video you want to remove the background. Now, duplicate the clip to a new track to work and Use the “Mask” tool below to draw around the Subject you want to place, then apply a “chroma key” effect to the duplicated Clip. Finally, adjust the settings (such as color range and threshold) to make the background transparent. You have successfully removed the background from the video.

How to Blur Video on Capcut

Motion blur is a visual effect that mimics the blurring of moving objects in a video, creating a sense of speed or dynamic movement. To use this feature, you need to import a video and split the part on which you want to apply the motion blur effect; now click on the motion blur button below the required part once you click on it. If you click, the motion blur bar effect will be applied.

CapCut Text to Speech

capcut text to speech

First, you need to open the CapCut app with the part of the video you want to use Then you can click the text button in the below bar and type anything; The text will appear on the Video. There is another new feature that appears, the name text template on Capcut; there are many different types of text templates that you can be used.

  • Remove the old variant, Before installing the Latest version of Capcut pro apk


inshot adjust ratio
inshot pro editing tool
inshot merge phot and video
inshot filter and effect
inshot pro adjust speed

Capcut Reviews

YouTube video


  • Android Version: 4.4 or above
  • Operating system: Android
  • Ram Memory : 2 GB Minimum
  • Free Phone storage: 2GB free space

Permission Access for app

For the latest version of Android, certain permissions may be required for the following:

  • Camera: Required for capturing photos.
  • Mic: Needed to record and add your voice.
  • Storage: Necessary for accessing and storing your pictures and videos.


Here are some question of your answers Below:

You can use and edit videos in CapCut without investing money. It is a free video editing app. 

Yes, there are two types of watermarks in CapCut. One is in the templates, and the other is when the video is over. 

Yes, you can use 3D effects in your pictures. When you have clicked each image, place your mouse over the bottom bar, choose Style, then find and click 3D Zoom. 

Final Words

As in this post above we have told you how to download CapCut Pro Apk. We have also discussed CapCut Premium Apk unlocking features which will not allow you CapCut friendly interface, extensive features and watermark. . CapCut’s extensive features make it an excellent tool for creating professional-looking photos and videos using mobile devices.

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